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The Home Planner is the person who is in charge of planning, coordinating and organising everything necessary to guarantee maximum comfort in your home: coordinate and execute your moving so that you enter your home as if you were already living there, design your dressing room and your storage rooms, adapt areas of your home to give them new uses or improve their functionality or aesthetic, so that you get the most out of them.

At Particular Home Planners we sit down with you, listen to you and provide solutions to your needs to create comfortable and practical spaces for you.

For Particular Home Planners, each client is individual, each space in which we work is individual, and we strive to ensure that the service we offer in each case is also individual. That is why we care about knowing the specific needs of each person and the place where they want to live. That's why we call ourselves Particular Home Planners.

A professional organizer is only in charge of the order of your belongings, organizing them taking into account only the space and the amount of belongings. 

A Home Planner works from a broader perspective since his goal is to adapt your home to create greater comfort. Always work from the organization of spaces but adapt them according to your needs and your tastes. And he deals with other tasks such as decorating with plants, adapting dead spaces to give them a new use, buying household linen or furniture and managing other services such as cleaning or small repairs that are sometimes necessary.

Because you will use your time for things that are important to you and you will delegate everything that the move entails to professionals who will carry it out for you from start to finish.

The end does not end in leaving the boxes in the new house, but we will take care of locating all its content with practical and aesthetic criteria, preparing your new home with all the details.

You will live a luxury move.

You will be able to move without stress, in record time, without spending time on it and without seeing boxes accumulated for days or months, with everything perfectly placed and with all the details.

You will sleep the first night with all your clothes placed in your dressing room and with your personal belongings in their place.

Home Planners in Barcelona and Madrid

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